Matthew Syken - Corporate Counsel and FINRA Arbitrator

About Matthew E Syken

As general counsel and chief legal officer of Parex USA, Inc., a subsidiary of ParexGroup, SA, Matthew E. Syken draws on diverse experience in corporate law and finance. He previously served as general counsel of Wellcredit Corp., where he oversaw legal matters for its California, China, and New Zealand offices. Responsible for managing the firm’s broker/dealer regulatory compliance with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Matthew E. Syken also redeveloped global trading protocols and interfaced with government agencies around the world.

Matthew Syken joined Wellcredit following service as general counsel and vice president of Black Legend Capital LLC, where he oversaw regulatory compliance with not only FINRA, but also the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Since 2012, he has functioned as an arbitrator before FINRA. Earlier, he operated as a senior associate at Rick, Steiner, Fell & Benowitz, LLP.

Drawing on Wall Street experience as well as his legal background, Mr. Syken earned his FINRA arbitration credential in 2012. He received his JD from Touro Law Center and is on sabbatical from completing his MBA in management at The Johns Hopkins University.